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A charity-oriented token that trying to contribute the world to be a better place , and bring a sweet Candylad Token to every corner of the world. For the better future ,let's move forward together with Candylad Token.

AIBC Summit 2022 Dubai

Candylad Token global public launch time:
2021-10-28 12:00:00 (UTC)

Have you ever imagined that you could do charity by doing investments?

Candylad Token is created with the purpose of changing the world to be a better place. A portion of every transaction is sent to the Candylad Token “Candylad Token fund”, which is used to help the world to fight the crisis of the world. By putting our community members first and being open and honest about our plans and operations we intend to go far in building the world to be a better place to live in.

Story of Candylad Token

The ecological plan of Candylad Token is NFTs avatar + Metaverse Al game development application, and game peripheral products incubation. The final vision of Candylad Token is the establishment of a global online and offline charity foundation, allowing the holders to hold While enjoying the huge return of wealth brought by investing in Candylad Token Token, they are also contributing to charity and public welfare invisibly, and together with Candylad Token, they will spread love to every corner of the world.

Original Supply:

Initial supply of 690 billion tokens minted at launch; a lower supply compared to the previous Token Candyladlad for a higher value per token

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Candylad Token is an upgraded token released by the Candylad Token Group, will include NFTs avatar + application, Metaverse Al game development application, and incubation of game peripheral products.

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  • Phase 1 - Launch

    1. Website & White Paper launch
    2. The icon of applying TokenPocket will be displayed
    3. Public pre-sale on Pinksale
    4. Drives Marketing awareness
    5. Having 5,000 Token Holders

  • Phase 2 - Grow

    1. The "Social Profiles" on the Bscscan website will be updated
    2. Superstar push the marketing
    3. Having 25,000 Token Holders
    4. The icon of applying Trust Wallet will be displayed
    5. Community Airdrop

  • Phase 3 - Mature

    1. Having 50,000 Token Holders
    2. Security Auditing & Skynet by Certik
    3. Superstars push the marketing
    4. Voluntary Donation for community + Charity Partnership

  • Phase 4 - Fly

    1. Having 100,000 Token Holders
    2. Increase the Marketing
    3. Update the Website & White Paper
    4. Title ads on iconic buildings of Dubai

  • Phase 5 - Fly to the moon

    1. Having 200,000 Token Holders
    2. Metaverse Al game&Development Apps
    3. Release NFT marketplace & NFT collection.
    4. Build Stronger Charity Fund
    5. Build the world to be a better place to live


Candylad Token Initial Supply: 690,000,000,000
Contract: 0x136bfcdec5db31b565052451ad806014ab9f2b38
  1. Liquidity 3%
  2. Marketing 3%
  3. Brun 2%
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